Hump Day

Here we are again mid way through the week. I need too go and buy groceries and do a couple of other things. Tomorrow I will maybe go over and see the younger son. He got some Christmas money that he doesn’t know about yet. So he will be thrilled to get it.

Jim has a VA appointment this afternoon. I thought while he was gone I would do the other things. I am already tired of this cold weather. I also got my heating bill. No I am not going to turn the heat down. When you get old like the two of us. You deserve to stay warm. All of  you younger ones can make the sacrafices now.  I need to keep these old bones warm.

My mind feels full of sludge today so I will make this short. You all have a great day.



The day after.


Sassy and Bree woke me up this morning wanting out. They like to about knock each other down getting out the door. Ithink some pesty squirel was just outside the door. Good thing he is fast.

It took me about another thirty minuets to get dressed and make my way down the driveway. Not that the driveway is all that long. I just didn’t really want too go out into the cold. It may look a warm and sunny out there, but it is cold.

Jim is feeling much better today. One of the doctors he saw when we was out at the VA sent him some antibiotics. Also  being married to me seem to do the trick.  I fed him really well yesterday. Plus I think he got it into his head that he had better get well.  Either get better or else. I use threats now and again.

I don’t have any plans for the day. Maybe go too Wal-Greens. I like that place. I love to just see what kind of stuff they have too sell. They have all of the dime store things that I remember as a child.  I loved those places where your little bit of money could buy you something pretty or fun.

I was a child that could spot a bargin a mile away. I would walk up and down the aisle looking for just that special thing to take home. Now I just look.

Enough of that need to get going. You all have a great day.


45 years and counting.

No it is not my birthday.  45 years ago today on a sunny Jan day I married Jim. Yes he married me too.  Some how we have managed to stay together. I think sometimes that we just got busy with life and forgot everything else.

It has been something these 45 years. Two children, two dogs, 15 birds, and countless fish have made their home with us. We can’t seem to get rid of anyone in this family. Everyone keeps coming back home or just staying around. I guess that is what happens when you feed them.

I have tried over the years to chase them all off, but what can I say. The man I married keeps finding his way back home. No matter where I chase him off too. The boys come and go, but don’t get too far away and when they are not here they are on the phone calling home.

This life of mine seems to be all about love. I love them and they love me. So I am blessed. Don’t think it has been easy. It has not been. I can not say that we are the kind who don’t have our disagreements. Each of us is different, but good in our way.

What makes a marriage work? I think it is doing what you have to do to get through each day. Some days are wonderful others you are glad when they are over. For me it is love of the man I married and the love I have for my boys. It was all about them.

You all have a great day.


Making fudge


From the looks of me in this picture. You would think I would stop making and eating fudge. Believe it or not I had not made fudge for some time. With my bunch it didn’t last long. I have stuff to make more, but haven’t had time to make anymore.

I think I pulled a muscle in my right thigh. It hurts like the dickens. The worst part is that it makes sitting down on a hard chair painful. This is what happens when you get too my age. Too much falling down and running into things over the years. Now I am paying for it.

It seems like since before Christmas I have been in a race to get things done. Now I am hoping I can slow down a bit and relax. I got most of what I needed to get done yesterday. I think with all of that carrying stuff and running around is what happen to my leg. I keep telling myself to keep moving and it will work itself out.

Just too let all of you know. Silentwhisper is here on wordpress.  silentwhisperfromjs.wordpress.com  I like her a lot and hope she keeps writing. I like her style a lot.

One of these days I will have my son show me how to make links to other peoples webs. That is one of the ways I have found so many of you, is going to other’s journals who know how to link then bookmarking them. I know that some will be lost forever and that makes me sad.

So enough I need to go do somethings. Hope you all have a great Sunday.


New day.


This was the snow we got about a week ago.  Bree was trying to convince a squirel to come on down and play with her and Sassy. Seems like they don’t want too play very much.

It has been a busy day. I had to run and meet my younger son at his doctor’s appointment. Then I took him back over too where he lived. That always takes time as we always have to stop somewhere on the way back. That is OK it makes him happy for awhile.

The older one is off working out at the gym with his girlfriend. He thinks he is getting too fat again. Heaven forbid.

We tried sleeping through New Year’s Eve parties, but the neighbor’s decided to blow things up. So it was loud for awhile. No damage done.

Jim is doing better, just is really tired. So am I after all of his and our younger son’s things. Seems to almost get out of hand during the holidays. I can just about too expect something. Yet it wears me out. Now I am trying to catch up on my sleep.

Next thing on my agenda is bill paying. Not the most fun, and I always hope to have some left over too do something fun with around here just for me.

I hope you all had a great holiday and are all doing well.


Happy New Year

So here we are in a new year. Wrapping up 2008 kept me pretty busy. Jim was not doing well. We made a quick trip down to the VA, and he spent the night there at the VA. Then he decided that he had enough and wanted out. Just like the old guy. Sure put a scare in me.

He seems to be doing OK. Even though he is tired and I worry. Can’t seem to keep from doing that. I did finally get a pretty good nights sleep last night. After all of the noise of others celebrating the new year.

Christmas was nice and we had a nice dinner with Jim the boys and me. We cooked some steaks and kept it simple.

I am glad the holidays are over and hope that things settle down for awhile. Dull is always nice. I do miss JS, but I guess I will just have to get over it.  It is going to take me awhile to learn everything I need to know about this place.

I hope we all find each other and keep in touch. I never knew how much I would miss all of  you until this happen. So take care.


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