February 17

I had a bad night last night. For the last week we have been sick all of us. Jim I worry about the most because of his other health problems. Not much we can do but ride it out.

It looks like the economy is getting worse. Every where you look some one has committed fraud.  Greed is a dirty word and does things too others that is bad for the majority. If you are not angry about what has happen. You should unless you are one of the ones who got rich on the backs and grief of others. 

At my age I am on the side lines just watching. Not much I can do about any of it. All I can do is take care of what I can take care.



Jim & Me

104_1746Jim’s brother John took this picture of Jim and me. We have been married 45 years Jan 5th.  We were married in front of this organ in 1964 in my parents living room.




It bloomed! This is an ochrid that we have in the basement. We also have roses, and other plants.  Hope you enjoy this picture.



Life can come at you hard and fast. These last couple of months that is how it seems here at the old folks home. Just about the time you think you have things under control. Then along comes something else.

You would think at my age that life would be boring and in a rut. Not my life.  I tend to hold back on what is really happening. One reason is that most people would have a hard time understanding why I put up with some of it.

The truth is that I put up with a lot because I love my family. I have dropped some people out of my life who only brought problems to my life. We all know toxic people. Whom we would be better off not having anything to do with at all.

I started doing this dropping people from my life when I was in my 30’s. Mainly my family, because of all of the problems they caused. I might have kept them around if not for finding out that they did certain things on purpose and behind my back. Why? Will as my older son says, because they could.

Some people thrive on the drama they create. Other wise their lives would be too  drab and boring. So they find things or create things to stir things up.

Four people in my life have caused a lot of grief. One is now passed and no longer a problem. The other three I see maybe once in five or ten years. I do hear about them from time too time from other’s in my family. None of which is good. So I know that I made the right choose in getting rid of them from my life.

My advise for others no matter who this person is that is causing you problems. Stay away from them. You will be suprised at how much better your life becomes. 



We took the truck too the body shop this morning.  They will call and tell us how much and how long it will take to fix it. So that is on it’s way to being done.

I have pretty much everything else under control once again. The only thing left to do is buy a new chain saw. One that I can use to cut up that tree that fall in the back yard.

Older son is back too teaching. So I don’t expect too see much of him. The other one is just being the other one.  Back too normal it would seem.

Jim is feeling somewhat better. He still has a lot of pain. That seems to be getting harder and harder to control. I don’t know what they can give him to help. I would like to know if they can do some kind of nerve block. If they can’t fix it at least reduce the pain problem.

Sassy and Bree are doing fine and seem to enjoy each other’s company. I am glad they get along so well. Jim’s brother brought down big cattle leg bones for the two of them. He did cut them into so they would be able to manage them better.

Eveything else seems to be going along just fine. I would like to have the time to use my camera and new tripod that my son bought me. I used it too take the pictures of the roses.  I want to take some close up pictures using the tripod of the birds. I think I can get some pretty good ones.

You all have a great day.


Roses from the basement.


These roses are form a rose tree that we have in the basement. Instead of  those strange weeds that some people grow in there basements. We grow flowering plants. Yes we have the lights that help them. We didn’t get these roses planted this fall. So we are keeping them going by keeping them down in the basement.

I am taking the truck in Monday and having them tell me how much it will cost. Then we will go from there. I want it fixed. Not much else going on today. I did bake some cup cakes. Want some? They are very good.



moms-yellow-rose-december-2008-021Our oldest son wrecked this truck yesterday. He said the brakes did not work. So now we are waiting for the claims adjuster person to come. Yesterday was not a good day.